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Manufactured log homes are the most common building system in the log home industry.  Manufactured meaning each log is run through a mill and labeled before shipped to your site.  Our team of manufacturers offer kiln dried; treated; complete factory cut systems that rival the industry.  A manufactured log home kit usually runs you about $35-$55 a square foot depending on what accessories are included.  Turnkey pricing usually ends up around $150-$300 a square foot.
                                              HAND CRAFTED
Hand crafted log homes are  on the luxury side of the log home spectrum.  These homes are built out of raw material completely by hand then disassembled and labeled where they are then transported to your building site.  These packages often include elaborate nature carvings and root bearing log posts that make the ultimate statement at your lodge or residence.  Although top dollar; hand crafted homes will most certainly take your breath away.  Turnkey pricing usually ends up around $300-$500 a square foot.